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Blog: Bandwidth Bother

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Crikey! It's appears that about a thousand of you have been to see the site today. LAWKS! This seems to have made blogger break down and cry and refuse to have anything with my web presence providers (good golly but this is fascinating isn't it?), so I'm trying a manual update... of course, a thousand visits is NOTHING compared to the amount of people who've downloaded the video. I'm told by Mr Rob Manuel of B3TA that 35 THOUSAND of you have looked at it!


Strangely, i DID go out at lunchtime in my t-shirt, and i DIDN'T get mobbed. I was as surprised as anyone. Anyway, we're off to HULL tomorrow, so if you're up that way do pop along, it should be FUN!

posted 6/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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