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Blog: In Jiffy Bag Heaven

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You find me today surrounded by Jiffy Bags, as orders have been FLOODING in and I've had to heavily invest in a LOT of Jiffy Bags of various sizes. It also means I've RUN OUT of copies of "Church Hall Of Sound", and very nearly of the AAS Compilation album. I'm hopefully going to get some new stock tomorrow (some from fellow AAS Board Members, most from My Mum's Garage), so for anyone who's ordered the Back Catalogue Bonanza, much apologies that they won't be being dispatched today, but I will try and get them out first thing Monday morning!

Handily I took the day off today. I was expecting to be loafing around in bed, before toddling off to Hull this afternoon, instead I am involved in International Postal Rates. COOL!

posted 7/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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