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Blog: Crossover Appeal

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Will the madness never end? True to what appears to be my New Description as a "bespectacled comic book geek" (ak! the truth!) every Monday morning I read Lying In The Gutters, the gossip column of comics. And there, at the end of the column, is a link to the Hey Hey 16K video! WOW!

Who'd've ever have guessed that there was some kind of crossover between the people who used to have home computers in the 80's, and people who read comics eh?

This only spurs me on to FINALLY write that song about Marvel UK that I've been meaning to write for years - so far I have worked out that my two favourite things about comics actually RHYME (that'll be The Fantastic Four and Alan Moore then), but I somehow doubt that'll be enough...

posted 10/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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