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Last night i drove my BRANE into the depths of UG! last experienced many many years ago when I spent three weeks shovelling pot pourri. Honestly, you don't want to know, suffice to say it shut down my MIND entirely, and I got a small taste of that yesterday evening, as I set to work on the Promotional Campaign for "Shed Anthems".

I mean, obviously AAS is no flighty foolish organisation, I'd got everything READY well in advance (er... well, by yesterday afternoon anyway), all I had to do was put things together. THUS I went through all the promo copies of the CD with a SCALPEL, taking off the plastic wrapping and sticking ON the contacts/track times sticker that goes on the back. To start with this was quite jolly - the sticker also contains the list of BAD SWEAR WORDS for DJs, and in this case they are "silly sod" and "shat", which I found quite funny at the beginning, but an HOUR later it was wearing thin a bit. Then I did the first BLOCK of packing - with about a third of the CDs we're also sending out promo copies of the American Franke Machine album (it's AWFULLY good, by the way), so I was methodically taking a Shed Anthems press release, a Frankie Machine press release, a flyer for upcoming releases, and an individual letter, folding them up, checking I'd got the right envelope, then trying to STUFF the whole lot AND two CDs into a small envelope.

Bloody heck, I tell you THIS, by the end of it I was KERNACKERED! Tonight I've got the OTHER two thirds to do (tho they'll only have "Shed Anthems" in, so it should be easier) AND then apply all the STAMPS! OOF!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I bet Westlife don't sit around doing this sort of thing every time they UNLEASH more WOE into the world, and even with Bryan gone there's FOUR of them, they could sort it out in NO time! CUH!

posted 12/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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