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Blog: B3ta Radio

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I headed off to London's Famous Denmark Street on Friday to meet Rob from b3ta, and from there we went and did ourselves the b3ta RADIO show! It was ACE! We had a bit of a chat and that, and I ended up playing FIVE songs - "Hey Hey 16K" (obviously), "The Lesson Of The Smiths" (i did a bit as a soundcheck, and they were INTRIGUED...), "The Fair Play Trophy", "Payday" and "Easily Impressed". It was MUCH fun. I worried a bit about forgetting the words for "Hey Hey 16K", but then realised Rob had the t-shirt on, so I could read them off his CHEST. No such handiness for "The Lesson Of The Smiths", which wouldn't have mattered except i had to RE-WRITE it as i went along, trying to think of replacements for the SWEARING in it.

I felt a bit bad already about saying "and this is from our new single", like an ROCK WHORE, but halfway through I realised that my hosts weren't really footie types, LO! even less than I am. Still, we made up for it in the end, when we did a ROUSING version of "Easily Impressed" which, top radio professional that i am, finished 10 seconds before the end of the show. Oh yes!

It was GRATE fun anyway, even though my BODY seemed to think it was a gig, and made me SWEAT like nobody's business throughout. BAH!

posted 15/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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