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Things continue to be EXCITING: today's news, HOT from Mr Steve Dresden in our promotions offices (*ahem*) is that we're hopefully getting a review in Q Magazine! LAWKS! Thinking about it, nobody's said if it's going to be a GOOD review or not, but still eh?

In other news, I am trying out a startling new methodology for Gig Promotion: DOING SOME. At the Hull gig i was AMAZED at how many people turned up, and eventually realised that this was due to all the work that Mr Eddy Bewsher, Promoter, had put into ... well, Promoting. In olden time when I was very young I used to do LOADS of promotional activity for every gig I did, with posters and flyers and general BADGERING, but in the last few years, much to my own dismay, I have FLAGGED a bit, and not bothered so much. Let this be at an end, gentle reader, and HARKEN to my words!

I'm playing at the 12 Bar in Denmark Street, London, next Thursday (27th May) at 9pm. If you're nearby and able to attend, it would be lovely to see you there.


posted 21/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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