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I set off on Saturday night for ESSEX, to go and play on Phoenix FM, and it was a STRANGE SENSATION to be heading OUT of the house at 8.40pm on a Saturday night - that's the time I always used to set off for town in Leicester on a Saturday night, but it's been quite a while since I've done it!

Anyway, I soon reached Brentwood and was WHISKED off to the studio, which was upstairs in a council community centre. DOWNSTAIRS there was a 14 Year Old Girls PARTY going on, so of course outside there was a 14 Year Old Boys LURKING SESSION going on too, it was all a bit terrifying and we all became DIZZY from the heady whiff of HORMONE and after-shave. CRIPES!

The show itself was LOVELY - I spent the first half hour drinking FREE BEER whilst Eddie and Steve did the show, and then we had a bit of a chat, including some Actually Rather Good Questions sent in by listeners, and in the final hour I did six songs. You can hear it download the LOT in bits on their webpage, and, as you'll hear, it was all rather jolly.

They gave me a lift home afterwards, which was perhaps the most EXCITING thing of all, as Station Owner Paul has GPS in his car, so i spent most of the time watching our DIGITAL PROGRESS on the flatscreen on his dashboard - it was like living IN THE FUTURE!

Anyway, yes, do go and have a look at their webpage, if only to see the INCREDIBLE JAZZ CHORD i am pretending to play in the pictures - GROOVY!

posted 24/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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