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Blog: Q and A Session To Follow

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We had an AAS Board Meeting last night, during which we discussed many of the issues emerging from our Away Day Discussions, pushed forward our agenda to change, and took the piss out of Rob for getting drunkened at said Away Day and drawing rude pictures. COOLIO!

As an added feature this time we recieved a PRESENTATION from Dr Coca Cola McDonalds, Derby LEGEND and AAS's latest signing. It was ACE, he had proper slides and EVERYTHING and we sat in rapt attention as he outlined his future strategy. Like most AAS things of this ilk, we started off going "Ho hO!" and ended up being Quite Serious about the Themes Raised - perhaps we'll get ALL our bands to do this in future eh?

Afterwards cheques were presented and a signing ceremony took place - photographs were taken too, FACT will follow as soon as i know it!

posted 25/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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