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Oops, sorry about the GAP in updates, I posted this in the wrong place on Thursday - there's a new song in the Song Blog, and it's a fully qualified ACTUAL New Song this time, not the nth re-writing of "Fair Play Trophy"! It's based on several in-pub discussions I've had lately, including one with the b3ta MASSIVE the other night, and also various ones I've had around the kitchen table at home. I'll do a proper annotations bit soon, but basically it's about all the lies and attempts to rewrite the legacy of Reagan and Thatcher that's gone on just lately, and how it's vital to REMEMBER the dreadful EVILS of their reigns rather than, as many many people seem to be trying to do, make out it was a decade of "glamour" and spangles and not mention the overwhelming certainty of nuclear war. Yeah! It was prompted by all the rubbish that was spoken about Reagan when he died, and about all the ghastly lies and pretend sadness we'll doubtless get when Thatcher finally dies, and THUS it's called "The Day That Thatcher's Dead".

I quite like it, I've been getting myself very worked up, singing it with BULGING EYES!

posted 3/7/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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