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Blog: Knackered By Rock

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You discover me sat at home, in my dressing gown, feeling decidedly ROPEY, for LO! After HEROICALLY dragging myself in to work the past two days it turns out i STILL feel like crap, and have thus retired to my BED, only struggling out to send desperate missives to the outside world. In this sense, I am much like SPARTACUS or the bloke in Gladiator. Yeah!

Things weren't helped by going to Leicester on Tuesday for a Board Meeting - I thought I was feeling better, and I was Well Behaved and UNDRUNKEN the whole time, but it seems to have re-done me in. It was a GOOD meeting though, attended by S.Woodward of Johnny Domino, who informed me that, in the vaults, is a song of theirs whose first line is "Oh Mr Hibbett!" I LIKE the sound of this, though he tells me it is nine minutes long and need re-doing. Re-do it NOW you chaps! Anyway, we had a MOST exciting discussion about the BIG PUSH for Johnny Domino that's coming soon, when hopefully they will finally get HEARD by all the people out there who are going to LOVE them, as they are ACE.

The other item of news I have to pass on is that the gig on July 30th is now NOT happening - the organisers of The Smelly Ball lost the venue, and it'll now be happening at the Betsy Trotwood on August 7th ... which is when we're playing at the Racehorse in Nottingham (with The Legend and The Retro Spankees and Winston Echo and MORE - it will be GOOD). We're also unavailable on the next TWO dates for this gig, so we're pretty much not doing it at ALL now, which means Northampton's going to be the final swansong for our current setlist, with no other band gigs likely until OCTOBER at the earliest, and no solo gigs even until September, so if anyone's got any VACANCIES in August, do let me know won't you? We'll be spending our time WISELY, introducing ourselves to some new material, but it would be nice to get out and about a bit.

And that's all for now - i retire once more to my sick bed, where I shall be watching the Directors' Commentary for "Ghostbusters". Oh YEAH!

posted 15/7/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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