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ITEM! On Friday we went for a HOUSE OUTING to see "Spiderman 2". It was BLOODY GRATE. OK, the rest of my household found it a bit loud and aggressive, but I thought it was FANTASTIC. The naming of Doc Ock! The tentacles! Dr Connor having one arm! The fight on the train! The whole wedding bit! When the people carry Spiderman over their heads! The "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" bit! "Go get 'em Tiger!" ALL OF IT! Brilliant! True to the comics AND different and modern and EXCITING and MOVING and ACE! I, in fact, liked it.
ITEM! Then on Saturday we went shopping and the Stamps On My Postcards bought the McFly album, on a WHIM. Funnily enough, it too is ACE! OK, some of the songs start to sound Strangely Familiar after a while (especially the one that sounds like "Give Me Some Money"), but it's still BLOODY ACE. Catchy, funny, exciting and YEAH! It has RECKLESSLY EXCITING GUITAR SOLOES in it too - I saw them doing these on CD:UK, and goodness me, whose idea was it to try and get rid of them? RECKLESS GUITAR SOLOES are one of God's greatest gifts to his creation, and when placed in the hands of GOOD LOOKING TEENAGERS IN BANDS and WITNESS by hoardes of OTHER TEENAGERS they are surely one of the most ACE things ever to come about? So yes, I liked that too.
posted 1/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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