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Blog: The Shed's Nearly Full

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Keen observers will note that the Shed Of Reknown is now nearly FULL! For those that came in late, the idea is that the first 60 people to buy the EP online (or by cheque) will have their names entered in GLORY forevermore (ish) upon the aforementioned Shed Of Reknown! I just thought it'd be an interesting thing to NOTE where in the world purchasers of the EP came from, and as I don't tend to take people's names and addresses when I sell CDs at gigs, this seemed the simplest way of going about it.

About half the people who bought the EP online bought it as part of a Gift Pack Select Pack. Again, for those unaware of it, this is a SUPER SPECIAL OFFER where you can buy ALL the back catalogue i've got LEFT for a bargain-a-licious 25.75 pounds. I'm steadily running out of ITEMS for it though - there's only five copies of "A Church Hall Of SOund" left, and unless the mythical Garage Of My Parents contains any more, only about three "Milk & Baubles" too - so if you're especially EAGER to get these items, now might be the time to visit the online emporium!

We were talking last night about what to do if and when these finally sell out. We COULD reissue the LOT on CD (i am INSANELY JEALOUS of Mr Francis Albert Machine's singles compilation), as there's LOADS of compilation tracks and things that we could stick on too, but i also like the idea of songs like "Fucking Hippy" existing ONLY as b-sides for people to TRACK DOWN if they want them. I don't know, I'd much rather have our next release being NEW stuff, but I guess we shall have to see how long it takes us to do the next album before i start to worry about such things.

These ARE the sort of things i worry about though, DERANGED, isn't it?

posted 6/10/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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