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Blog: Zipcodes

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As threatened yesterday, I've finished writing the HOT new song "Zipcodes", and the words are available NOW in the Song Blog. I did most of it last night, nearly finished it this morning, and then did the final bits on the way in to work, THUS it has never actually been played all the way through, so may well change over the weekend and/or when I play it with the band, the the STRUCTURE and the general idea are THERE now. Hoorah!

I'm EXTREMELY chuffed with it i must say - this is a song i have been waiting YEARS to write. I don't think I've ever explicitly written a song about comics, tho as i say i have spent a long long time trying, and I'm ESPECIALLY pleased that, now I have, it mentions BOTH Marvel Two-In-One AND John Byrne's run on Fantastic Four. Oh yes!

SOUND-WISE it sounds a bit like "Everything's Turning Out All Right" crossed with "Fat Was A Feminist Issue", sort of - whereas in previous SONG BATCHES we've aimed for John Cage Card descriptions ("Saturday Lunchtime Wrestlers", for instance, was us pretending to be The Velvet Underground if, instead of becoming, well, The Velvet Underground, they'd all done teacher training and now taught in a school in the Midlands. You could probably tell that from listening to it, I expect) or STRUGGLED through the MISTS of my descriptions ("a bit like cutting cheese, but purple"), THIS time we are COMBINING two or more of our own songs, thus COMPRESSING more goodness into every song!

Also, it must be said, I think this song is the Spiritual Successor to "Hey Hey 16K" - have a look at the WORDS if you would, gentle reader, and see what you think. I've got some MP3s of us rehearsing, so I might do a MEDLEY of bits of the new songs too, to give you an idea... I'll see how they sound first though!

posted 7/10/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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