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I got a VERY exciting item through the post today, from Mr E Bewsher, Patron Saint Of Validity, in Hull. A package from Eddy is ALWAYS a thing of JOY, and this was no exception, for LO! it was a CD containing photographs and VIDEO FOOTAGE of the 12 Bar gig the other week. MODERN, eh? The BEST bit (if you are ME) was film of me doing "Payday Is The Best Day". "What is the weird effect on the vocals?" I thought, then remembered - it's PEOPLE SINGING ALONG! WHoo! Best of all it features the bit where, mid-song, I thought "I wonder if i can get away with STADIUM CLICHE //1: Let The Audience Sing The Chorus?" As i may have mentioned, I had a go, and it WORKED! And, as you can see from the video, i was very very pleased about it. If I've got space on the server I'll try and put it up next week, though it IS rather big so may not be viable.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend everyone, I'll try and get back with some MULTIMEDIA next week!

posted 8/10/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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