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Blog: A Lovely Evening 1

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I headed up to LEICESTER on Tuesday evening for the first FRONTLINE Validators practice. As mentioned previously, we are attempting a RADICAL NEW PROCESS for recording this album i.e. learning the songs BEFORE we record them. Part of this involves having a few seperate rehearsals for different sections of the band, with the RHYTHM SECTION working out the Rhythmical Structure (oh yes!) and the FRONTLINE HONING the Melodical Intricacies. YEAH!

That was the plan anyway, though we didn't get a huge amount done, choosing rather to sit around and have a chat for a lot of the time, which was actually rather LOVELY. A similar thing happened at the first Rhythm Section practice, it is part of the process of BEDDING IN, and is one of the NICE aspects of this new methodology - previously any practice would have been guided by the thought "ARGH! We've got to learn eight songs in the next ten minutes, because we're booked in to RECORD them tonight!"

We did do a LOT of work on "Lesson Of The Smiths" though, and we came up with an EXCITING idea for the backing vocals in the choruses, and some GROOVY FIDDLE ACTION for the song as a whole. Poor old Tom has just started a new job, so he was rather BEFUDDLED in that way you get when you start a job and EVERY DAY 3,000,000 people tell you their name and what they do and expect you to REMEMBER it. Emma meanwhile said STRANGE and EXCITING things like "We could do some harmonies here" and "Maybe we should have some different words for my bit?" WOW! I've still not really got used to the POSSIBILITIES of having somebody else singing as well, it's not something I've ever had to think about much in BANDS so it is MIND EXPANDING to be doing it now. I also REALLY REALLY like the idea of us USING the Singing Together THING as something new in itself, sort of like we do at the end of "City Centres", which we ALSO sang on the evening to get ourselves warmed up a bit.

So yes, the BRANE is humming with THORTS on this matter, especially the realisation that it IS going to be a good idea to go in and do some DEMO versions of these songs early in the new year for us to work from. I can see why most people DO do things this way round, it is FUN!

Anyway, we had a few goes at "Never Going Back To Aldi's", which was sounding pretty good, then I sang "Zipcodes", because i just wanted to, and it was time to GO. We walked Emma back to her car, as she was heading home for TEA, then me and Tom went to the PUB, where we bumped into Mr C Lawson and Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening with BEER. I have no idea what we talked about, though it did seem to be rather JOLLY at the time, though I did feel a bit BLEERY eyed when I had to get up next morning at 6.30am...

Also I had been SHOWING OFF with my new phone by opening and closing the automatic LID. I'd got the new one SPECIFICALLY because the old one kept running out of juice, so imagine my HORROR when the new one, after three days of me going "Look at this! Isn't it cool?" then ALSO died on me. The consequence of this was that, next morning, I couldn't really tell what time it was so ended up leaving Tom's FAR too late and had to RUN to get a bus and then RUN to get the train in time. FEAR and FOOLISHNESS!

posted 14/10/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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