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Saturday was a delightful day of BIZARRE BUMPINGS INTO. It commenced at lunchtime in The 12 Bar, when i bumped into Dr Neil Brown, my colleague from VOON and THE COUNCIL and also from Many Years Of Going To The Pub With. OK, this one wasn't particularly BIZARRE as it had been arranged for at least a fortnight, but it WAS very pleasant.

The MADNESS commenced shortly after, when we went to the rehearsal room behind and met Mat K-Star, as he is known to US, or BLACK SEPTEMBER (and various other monikers) as he is known from his days in The Action Time. Mat and I were in The K-Stars together 3,000,000 years ago in Leicester - a band which also featured UK Hip Hop's Supreme Vagabond Craftsman on drums, EEEH BY HECK it was a Leicester version of Big In Japan - and I hadn't seen him for YEARS until i Bumped Into him a Winston Echo gig a month or so ago. Neil had Bumped Into him on Charring Cross Road earlier, so we all went for a quick drink together. It was NICE.

We then headed off to St Paul's Youth Hostel, a VERY POSH place where Dr Brown would be residing for the evening, then it was HO! for ART at Tate Modern, where we went to see the Bruce Nauman installation in the Turbine Hall. It was BLOODY BRILILANT. It's basically loads of massive speakers playing different loops positioned along the length of the room, so as you walk through it's like being INSIDE Revolution //9. There's a "WHOOOOO-ooooooo" noise in the background too, and it all merges together with the echo of the room and with people walking and talking through it, so it's confusing AND beautiful, it felt to me sort of like being telepathic, hearing all these thoughts together, and for some reason also how I thought the after-life might feel. It was, as i said, BEAUTIFUL, and I wasn't the only one walking round with a big cheesy grin on my face. We DISCUSSED the fact that we'd come to "see" it, but were actually "hearing" it, when Neil pointed out that the looks on people's faces as they stood still and listened to the sounds, and the way they reacted to the different sounds, was something to see in itself.

If you get a chance, go and SEE/HEAR it, honest, it is ACE.

ENLIVENED by the ART we went to have a quick Walking Too Fast, Not Really Paying Attention tour of the rest of the building, which is always a GOOD WAY to beetle round the Tate. My FAVOURITE thing there is still Lightning with Stag in its Glare by Joseph Beuys, baby it EFFECTS me every time i see it, though I did get quite EXCITED when we happened upon THE KISS by Mr Rodin. This was where i had the second BIZARRE BUMPING INTO of the day, when suddenly there appeared unto me DAVE from B3TA. "Here for the art?" he said. "Yes!" I replied, because I was.

By now ARTED OUT we headed off along the river and then across to Trafalgar Square for THE PUB, but the BIZARRE BUMPING INTO had not finished with us yet, as, just after Embankment, we BIZARRELY BUMPED INTO Mr Chris T-T, who seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see him i.e. Quite A Bit. He'd just done the Paul Ross show, and was off to continue his London Tour of the weekend, so we had a quick chat, during which I told him how UTTERLY GRATE his gig had been on Wednesday (which it had, i may already have mentioned this), passed on the ENTHUSIASM for it of The Saturday In My Weekend, and much Pleasantry ensued. He went off to continue the ROCK, and we went to THE PUB, where we met Cathy, the LUCKY YOUNG LADY with whom The Doctor and I shared a house back in the FIFTEENTH CENTURY when we were all at Polytechnic together. There was DRINK, there was, later, PIZZA, and there was a LOT of Waving Around Of Arms, Declaiming Of Theories, WINE, and General Agreement With Each Other. It was BLOODY BRILLIANT! HOORAH!

There were no more Bizarre Bumping Intos, but hey! That was enough for ANYBODY for one weekend, right?

posted 18/10/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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