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Blog: No Strangers

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People keep saying to me "Ooh, have you got that Franz Ferdinand album yet then?" and the answer is "No, I haven't", for LO! I have no TIME for Art Pop or whatever it is called at the moment - music in my house is dominated by an EXCITING NEW GENRE: Gentlemen I Have Met Who Often Play Without A Rhythm Section. Expect to see NME increase in size next week to fit it on the front cover!

For the past month or two the building has RUNG to the sounds of the new Frankie Machine album, "Re-Unmelt My Heart", which i have already gone on about A LOT i believe, and which is FINALLY officially out very soon. At a similar time there was a lot of AIRPLAY given to the output of Mr Winston Echo, who i went to see not long ago and, EXCITINGLY, will be going to see AGANE at the LSE on Monday, although I'm not entirely sure where the venue will be so i might actually just be wandering around Central London for a couple of hours... anyway, his stuff is ALWAYS ACE, tho his new Split EP, with Ray K is ESPECIALLY so, and not just because it mentions ME in the words. Although i DO really like that...

As also mentioned, we went to see Chris T-T last week, and so impressed was The Text In My Text Message that she BOUGHT his album, and by GUM but it's really good. I have to admit, on first listen it sounded a bit under-done, but, as aforementioned Shopping In My Basket stated, "It's a GROWER" and now my head is FULL of the TUNES and the SOUNDS that have since emerged on many MANY listenings. "Giraffes", obviously, is a beautiful song, but I think my favourite at the moment is "7 Hearts", which is JUST LOVELY. Also it has GRATE backing vocals, and is all round ACE.

Also also at the weekend i recieved a PACKAGE containing two MORE CDs - both from JOHN OTWAY. The main one is his BRAND NEW ALBUM, "Ot-Air", his first new release for about 10 years. I approached it with some trepidation - could it STILL be good? Would it DELIGHT, ENCHANT and INSPIRE me as the b-sides to and other candidates for The Hit had done? It's being put out to raise money for his WORLD TOUR next year (It's OTWAY, so he's hiring a jumbo jet and playing places like Carnegie Hall, Sidney Opera House etc - OTWAY ROCKS!), so i worried that it might be a bit dashed off, and possibly a bit Dull... what a FOOL i was! It is BLOODY GRATE!

If you've not seen Otway then DO SO NOW. DO NOT WAIT. GO AND SEE HIM. Anybody ELSE will know what i mean when it's the same mixture of hope, daft jokes and poignancy that make up his live gigs, wrapped up in a BIG BUNDLE OF LOVE and tied up with MIGHTY CHARM. As I say, if you've NOT seen him live you may find this description unwieldy and/or a bit sentimental, but if you HAVE then you will most likely be GRINNING at the memory of one of those gigs. YEAH!

The nice thing is that ALL these above mentioned records are available DIRECT from the ARTISTES concerned - isn't it wonderful living in the modern world eh? Just in case you feel inclined, here's LINKS to where you can BUY these fantastic records:

  • Frankie Machine
  • Winston Echo
  • Chris T-T
  • John Otway

    Go on! Feel the JOY of PARCELS arriving through your letterbox, it's LOVELY!

    posted 20/10/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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