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COR. It was an ACTION PACKED weekend for me and no mistake... myself and the Hairspray On My Mohican went SHOPPING on Friday night (Rock! Also, ROLL!), where, amongst other things purchased, i bought me a new SUIT! The word you will be looking for when you see it is "Dapper". Then we went to the PUB. On Saturday I was DEAD MANLY and BUILT a chest of drawers! YEAH! OK, Habitat may have helped a BIT by getting all the pieces made, but i put it together... actually, a couple of the pieces weren't even made properly, so i had to get out my STANLEY KNIFE and fix them. YEAH! That's right! Testosterone levels at a DANGEROUS HIGH!

And while i think about it - when oh when are they going to make self-assembly kits that you can then paint CAMOUFLAGE onto, gently apply TRANSFERS, and then hang from the ceiling? Then the joy would be COMPLETE!

Also that day I tested out and applied the finishing touches to the TWO new songs i think i mentioned last week, "If You Need Loving" and "Quality Of Life Enhancement Device" and BEGAN another one called "The Other Rush Hour", and then it was time for us to go OUT, to The Punk Rock Karaoke at The Garage. We met up with Charlie and Sundry Fighting Cocks beforehand, and also that nice Mr Steve Lamacq who came over and VERIFIED that yes, there had INDEED been a big queue of people queueing up in a queue style queue to buy CDs off me last week. In a QUEUE! Yeah! Then we went over to The Garage itself, and had a GRATE time. Punk Rock Karaoke is UTTERLY ACE, as the Leap In My Pogo said, it's such a BRILLIANT IDEA that it's almost unbelievable that someone's actually carried it out. YEAH!

Then Sunday was filled with FAMILY, as one brother moved COUNTRY (him and his Charming Lady have moved to New Zealand! Oh no!) and another moved HOUSE (two doors down, slightly less) and i went round to help the Latter, and got a bit sweaty, before nipping to his local for a Cheeky Pint. I tell you what, it was BUSY BUSY BUSY all weekend!

It's quite relaxing to be back at work to be honest... although that said, tomorrow I'm off to Derby for a band practice and, at some point, I'm recording a show for Kooba Radio. All hands to ROCK STATIONS!

posted 8/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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