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Blog: Public Transport

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A few people have asked, so here we go - if you fancy coming along to our Christmas Extravaganza on December 11th at Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall (as seen in TWO Parish magazines!), then your best bet is to get the 123, which leaves St Margaret's bus station in Leicester at 18.15 (getting you there in time for a cheeky pint in the pub, i should think), then get the 23.20 home again. That's for people who can get to Leicester anyway, if you're coming from elsewhere why not get together and share a ride? It's good for the environment, and more... Sorry, i mean LESS importantly, most of you can drink BEER while you're there!

Full details of the BUS route HERE, tickets available from Rock-A-Boom, Left Legged Pineapple, or indeed from US. Right! That's that sorted, now I'm off to Kooba Radio, to make some... Er... RADIO!

posted 12/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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