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Blog: Another Sell Out

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It is with a sense of AWE and PRIDE that I announce that we have now sold out of copies of "A Church Hall Of Sound (revisited)", my solo EP from a few years ago. And yes, this time I really mean it, unless anybody is hiding a big box full of copies under their bed (and I know I'M not, i've looked!), that really is IT. Whoo!

Rather wonderfully this ALSO means that there is NO MORE VINYL! The other AAS singles, "Clubbing In The Week" and "Born With The Century" sold out a little while ago, and it's a LONG LONG TIME since the last of "Payday" (the split single with Johnny Domino we did on Reveal", or the two Fortuna Pop! compilations were available. It feels a bit strange to think that, from hereonin, it's DIGITAL all the way!

This does, of course, raise the SPECTRE of "Warriors Of Nanpantan", the long DISCUSSED (in the pub) singles and things compilation... I've been a bit wary about doing this just now, as I'd quite like our NEXT release to be a) SOON and b) NEW, but today I've had an idea about how we might do it in a NICE way. I've mentioned it to The Validators just now, so we'll see what they think, and let you know when we've worked it out!

posted 15/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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