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Blog: A Trip To Tottenham

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I nipped Slightly North to Seven Sisters/Tottenham on Friday night, to record an AAS SPECIAL EDITION of Claire Dickinson's show on Kooba Radio, for "broadcast" at the end of the month. I'd gathered together a fairly representative sample of Things We've Released, and was looking forward to it, though a bit nervously...

Things started off OK, although I came up against my Usual Paranoia i.e. "Oh no! i am intensely DULL, have the vocal prowess of a WURZEL and am unable to say ANY sentence without... ur... um... mumbling... er... like ... ah... a... um... NITWIT between every word! ARGH!!!" I think this be a NERVES thing zirrr, as I ALWAYS do it, but then i realised that i was FINE when we were actually playing the songs. "Hey!" i thought, to myself, "Instead of telling The Interesting Stories about why you chose each song WHILE THE SONG IS PLAYING, why not do it BEFOREHAND instead? That would probably be better."

So that is what i did, and yes, that DID seem to be better... so much so that, towards the end poor old Claire was GASPING for SPACE as i was saying "Let's hear what it sounds like?" and "without further ado - here's the track" and so forth. My dears i was turning into a POST MILLENIAL TONY BLACKBURN. It was FUN! For ME!

When all was said and done we went to the PUB, where Claire turned out to be JUST like everybody else to do with KOOBA i.e. LOVELY - again, like everybody else in KOOBA I thought "i wish there was more time spent in PUBS with people like you, why can't everyone else in The Krazy World Of ROCK be like this?" and, ALSO like every other time I've met Kooba People, i spent slightly more time IN the pub than i had planned to... I had a LOVELY time, and we talked of such typically ROCK things as... er... how we met our respective partners, When You Know It Is Right, and ... er... the isle of wight.

Yeah! I bet that's what it was like when the Beatles went round to Kenny Everett's house! Anyway, i _think_ the actual recording bit went pretty well, and hopefully this'll be BORNE OUT in a couple of weeks when it goes online! We shall see, shan't we?

posted 15/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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