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Blog: What The Big Idea Is

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Right then, I have SPOKEN to The Validators, and they have said "Yes, that is a good idea" to the GRATE IDEA I spoke of the other day... well, actually they have mostly said "Wasn't that MY idea?" but i say HEY! That is the beauty of the creative process in this band, everyone can put ideas forward and have them accepted by the Working Unit as a whole... and then i can take credit for them. HOOPLA! I bet Mick Ronson used to get this ALL THE TIME from Bowie, and he LOVED it!

Anyway, yes, the IDEA is to put out a COMPILATION of all the stuff that was on the VINYL singles, and thus is now no longer available, plus the "obscure" stuff (NB as opposed to all the records we've released that AREN'T obscure, like... er...) from compilations and all the online songs that haven't ever been on CD. Now, I was against this idea when mentioned by Mr Fleay recently, as i want our next PROPER release to be the new album, but I've come round to thinking that it'd be NICE to have this stuff available for people, especially as I still play quite a lot of these songs when I play solo, and we don't HAVE to make as big a deal out of it as we would a whole album of NEW stuff. SO! The PLAN is that we're going to do this as a LIMITED EDITION of about 200 copies or so (maybe in DVD boxes! ooh!). We'll NOT do a big publicity push on them like we usually do, instead we'll send PROMO copies out to the DJs and web magazines we LIKE, to say "Thank you!" for the support we've had off of them, rather than sending them willy nilly to people who'll take then direct to Music Exchange. ALSO we'll offer first DIBS on buying them to people who've ALREADY bought some of the vinyl - i think it's a bit RUM to expect people to buy the same songs several times in different formats JUST to get at the stuff they don't already have, so if you've bought a vinyl single from me in the last couple of years you'll get an EMAIL telling you how to buy the compilation at a KNOCK DOWN PRICE. Not that it'll be super expensive, but like i say, it seems like cheating to try and flog the same music to the same people again... and meanwhile, of course, it'll be available to PURCHASE directly from our online shop as per usual. It'll be lovely!

"This is all very well and good", you may say, "but what is it to be called? And what will be on it? Also, when will it be available?" And i say to you, that's a VERY good series of questions. It's probably going to be called "Warriors Of Nanpantan" (for reasons lost in the depths of PUBS), and will hopefully be out around January/February next year. The main tracklisting will be SOMETHING like:

Work's All Right (if it's a proper job)
Clubbing In The Week
Fucking Hippy
Billy Jones Is Dead
Another True Story
Red and White Sockets
Ring Your Mother
Before I Was Cool
The Peterborough All-Saints Wide Game Team (group B)
Family Wedding 2021
Another Man's Laundry (hanging on your line)
The Perfect Love Song
We'll See What We Can Do
Mr Right
Leave My Brother Alone
The Same Page Of The Map
I've Got What You Need
The Only Thing
I Come From The Fens [uk-indie version]
Walkman In My Head
Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer
If we can get clearance it may also have the COMPLETE LAMACQ SESSIONS from when we did "Fairplay Trophy" last year (although I haven't asked them yet if we can do that), and if there's STILL room for some CD-R extras, we've got a video of us playing in Hull last year, me doing "Payday Is The Best Day" with audience singalong at the 12 Bar, and a rather nice tape of a gig i did in Winchester a while back. Also there'll doubtless be YARDS of TYPE in which i waffle on about how all the songs came to be, as usual.

That's the PLAN anyway - it may all come to NAUGHT, but I am quite KEEN on the idea now, so do KEEP TUNED for further updates, won't you?

posted 17/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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