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Blog: Festive 50

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I have been passed a note from our esteemed drummer, who says:

"It is with interest that I note both Fall and Wedding present forums are essentially trying to rig the Festive 50 process, this will therefore crush the true independent spirit that John Peel cherished and as such tracks like THINGS'LL BE DIFFERENT (WHEN I'M IN CHARGE) will not stand a chance as only true music fans will vote for them."

Thanks Tim, I'm sure that's something we can all agree with. Personally I think vote rigging of this kind is NAUGHTY - look at Saloon (er... not that, for a minute, would I suggest they did ANYTHING like this), they got to Number One (completely properly, of course), and did it make them happy? Or did they split up within three years? Ah!

Let's all get together and vote KEANE!

posted 17/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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