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Blog: Bad Santa

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We went on a HOUSE OUTING to the pictures on Sunday to see BAD SANTA. Now, I'd read reviews of it so was all ready for a DIRECT and Slightly Bad Taste film full of swearing and unpleasantness, whereas my house mates HADN'T read reviews and were expecting a Slightly Naughty but still Jolly Christmassy film... so they didn't enjoy it quite as much as me, unfortunately. Actually, I thought it was BLOODY GRATE and GIGGLED, also LARFED a LOT, especially in the second half when there's more of Sherman Herman in it. It was EXTREMELY FUNNY i reckoned, and spent much of the way home going "45! HAAAAALF" (NB this is a Very Funny Bit when they do some negotiation and... actually it's probably best if you see it) whilst The Film In My Projector and The Landlady looked at me slightly AGHAST, having enjoyed it rather LESS.

Also over the weekend I FINALLY finished "The Idle Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow" by Jerome K Jerome, which was ALSO GRATE - I'd stopped MONTHS ago halfway through the last chapter for some reason, and had left it lying untidily around the BOUDOIR. As i was tidying up, I thought I should finish it so i could put it away, and read an HYSTERICAL chunk about how older people always complain about the weather not being half as GOOD as it was when they were younger - this was all written over 100 years ago, and, like most of the book, was ASTOUNDINGLY relevant still. In fact, he himself goes on to say that, even though he himself may claim that winters really WERE winters back in the 1850's, he does remember old sods in HIS youth saying exactly the same thing, and he goes on to wonder whether THE ROMANS got fed up with elderly senators whinging on about how, in THEIR day, a summer really WAS a summer.

These two events led me to wonder, did our predecessors experience Relationship Cinema Dissonance? Did Victorians wander mansion-ward from The Magic Lantern with Sir Sebastian Farnsworth saying "BRILLIANT! What about the bit where the man WAVED? Or the bit where the horse moved? FANTASTIC!" whilst Lady Farnsworth would rather have gone and seen the one where the rabbit lollops over to a lettuce leaf? Did Yeoman Jones ever DESPAIR as to what on earth his good lady wife saw in Measure For MEasure? Did THOR STRONGARM bore his CHILD BRIDE rigid by taking hear to see the SAME epic poem of RAGNORAK every Friday night?

And did they all agree to go and see THE INCREDIBLES as soon as possible afterwards? WAHEY! SUPERHEROES!

posted 23/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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