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Blog: Download From Kooba Radio

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I'm currently listening to this week's Claire Dickinson show on Kooba Radio, for LO! it's the previously mentioned Artists Against Success Special! WHOO!

It's GRATE - goodness ME, we've put out some FANTASTIC records, and when you hear them strung out like this it is WELL impressive - The Frightened Prisoners Of The Kraken! L Christian Lundholm! Europa! Johnny Domino! Frankie Machine! THE LOT! It all sounds LOVELY in the extreme, I've always thought we've put out CHALLENGING and DANGEROUS records, but it turns out that, for the most part, it's been beautiful, heartfelt songs of LOVE and beauty. Well done US!

Between all this wonderfulness there is RATHER A LOT of me talking... as I mentioned before, it starts off with me being, frankly, RUBBISH, and poor old Claire has to PUSH me into talking. HOWEVER, you can TELL that, during Johnny Domino, i decided to tell stories BETWEEN songs rather than during, and you can ALSO tell a few songs later that i was onto my second beer and ENJOYING myself... especially when i start SEGUEING into each song like a RADIO PROFESSIONAL. Hoorah!

Needless to say i have charged up my phone, ready for all the job offers from national radio stations... but anyway, i do HEARTILY advise going over and having a listen, as we really have put out some WONDERFUL records, and hey! If you like, why not make some of our ARTISTES happy by buying a record, they all make lovely Christmas presents, honest!

posted 24/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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