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Blog: The Incredibles

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We went to see The Incredibles on Friday. The cinema was FULL, especially of Kids going "Ooh wow!" "Look at that!" and "COR!" also full of ME saying pretty much the SAME. It was BLOODY GRATE! OK, it was funny and clever and exciting and MOVING and all that sort of thing, but also it was a SUPERHERO FILM that did the superhero bits RIGHT, FANTASTIC! The bits where DASH especially is running round were UTTERLY ACE - i especially liked the way you could hear his FEET going whenever he ran anywhere, also when they did the traditional Fast Running Superhero (or "speedster", as it shames me to know) bit of running over water - FAB! Or the - oh dear me - FASTBALL SPECIAL towards the end. CORKS! ALSO brilliant was the way they all worked together like a Proper Superhero Team. In the XMEN films all the characters got their own bits and didn't really do the superhero things, in this one it was like one great big FANTASTIC FOUR story from start to finish. WHOO!

This was the same cinema near work that is also within walking distance of five comic shops, and also the same cinema where i went to see XMEN and SPIDERMAN, so i was well aware that there would be loads of GEEKS there (you know, the kind of people who know that the correct term for a superhero who can run fast is a "speedster", or who, upon seeing one smaller superhero being thrown in the air by a strong superhero think "YOINKS! FASTBALL SPECIAL! Those sort of people...) and THUS determined NOT to embarrass myself by blurting out "PHOENIX!" like i did at the end of XMEN2.

My word it was difficult, ESPECIALLY when we got to the end, and every FIBRE of my body was screaming "WATCHMEN!!!! IT'S LIKE WATCHMEN!!!!" but i managed it... Cinema Dissonance (i.e. me liking films and the LADIES of my house disliking them, or vica versa) was LOW this time - they thought it was "Quite good, but not as nice as Finding Nemo", which is fair enough. I was thinking "I wonder how long it'll take the DVD to come out?"

posted 29/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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