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I've just noticed that I'm running the full GAMUT of GIG ACTION this week, it is DELIGHTFUL. On Monday I'm playing at The Archway Tavern in That London - it's a (very!) short notice fill-in spot, so I'm playing on my own. The Validators, most notably Tim, are VERY keen on playing a band gig there sometime, as it's EXTREMELY handy to get to and from from The Midlands, so hopefully all will go WELL. Then on Tuesday I'm up in Derby playing The Vic with aforesaid Validators - hopefully this will have a slightly larger audience than the LAST time we played there, when the audience was Moo and Anne-Marie, but I guess we shall SEE. THEN, on Saturday next me and Tom are playing The Steamboat in Ipswich - I'm getting quite excited about this, as several people seem to be coming, and there was a BIG picture of us and article about it in the Ipswich Evening Star this week, which repeatedly calls us MJ Hibbett & The Validator, for LO! that is what we shall be. I LOVE that sort of thing, it is COOL! As with Archway, if this goes well it'll hopefully lead to The Validators heading that way later in the year, it is a GOOD PLAN.

So yeah, that means I am playing a solo gig, and band gig, AND a duo gig all in the space of a week! To me, this appears to be MASSIVELY GROOVY - i wonder if it will actually turn out that way?

posted 9/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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