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First of all, excuse me if i look BLEARILY at you half way through this and completely forget what i am saying, i am a) KNACKERED and b) POORLY. Yes! Poor me! At approximately 3pm this afternoon a TERRIBLE COLD descended, in the form of ACHES, and now all it's other little pals are turning up. BAH! Still, at least I've got plenty of DVDs at home...

Anyway, progress progresses on the Album Front - they're at the manufacturers now, i know this because they rang to tell me, and they MIGHT be ready by the gig at the Bull & Gate on the 29th. They also might NOT - EXCITING isn't it?

Meanwhile i have been reading Bob Dylan's CHRONICLES, and let me tell you this, it is BLOODY GRATE! I had to keep checking to see if it was in POEM form or something, as it LILTS and ROLLS and ROCKS along rather brilliantly. I have experimented and discovered that you can also take ANY paragraph and growl it and HEY PRESTO Instant Bob Dylan song! With all due respect, i bet none of Robbie Williams' autobiographies can do that.

Last night I read the section about recording "Oh Mercy", an album i got on Vinyl when it came out, and thus have not heard for about 15 years, so this morning i popped into the Record Shop and BOUGHT it. And guess what? It's ACE! Having struggled a bit with "Time Out Of Mind" (NB listened to it twice, nodded approvingly, then couldn't bring myself to play it again) i was AFEARED, but it's a GRATE record PACKED with SONG and WORD and TUNE. Hoorah!

I also bought "What Will The Neighbours Say" by Girls Aloud (currently on first listen - OK, but so far they're no McFly) and "Blue" by Joni Mitchell, as EVERYBODY in Word Magazine was going on about it. Will it be ACE? Or will it be annoying? It is a VOYAGE of discovery!

BLEH! Off to see The Fighting Cocks tonight, so hopefully THE HEALING POWER OF ROCK will work its MAGIC, but if not, bring me my BED!

posted 18/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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