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Blog: A Lovely Weekend

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I heard on the radio this morning that TODAY is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year - it's a LONG time since Christmas, everybody's BROKE, it's AGES until the next holiday, and it's COLD - but personally i am fully charged with GLEE, as i had an UTTERLY ACE WEEKEND.

Much of this was due to general pottering around with the Tick On My List, as much SUPER DYNAMIC ACTION was undertaken. YES! I now have all my bank statements for the past three years in ORDER in a FOLDER - how much more ROCK AND ROLL can it get eh? It's funny really, it's not like having all my worldly affairs spread willy nilly across six seperate desk drawers and intermingled with GENERAL STUFF was acting in any way to the detriment of my Quality Of Life, but it does feel GOOD to know that it's now all SORTED and put in DOCUMENT WALLETS, with several carrier bags of CRAP sitting outside in the dustbin. OK, i know this is hardly HAMMER OF THE GODS material, but it made me feel HAPPY.

You want ROCK ACTION? OK then - on Saturday night we went out to DINNER. Oh yes, we are GROWN-UP, also SOPHISTICATED, and went and met Dr Neil Brown, formerly of VOON and THE COUNCIL in a PUB, and then went for a meal at MILDREDS, which is a PROPER Veggie Restaurant in That London which is ACE and SMASHING, and coincidentally had an ACE and SMASHING time. Many questions of the day were answered, next time i must remember to take a pen and write it down.

We escorted Dr Brown to his TUBE, and then wandered off to the 12 Bar. Messrs Cohen and Krugman of Rolling Stone's Well Hung At Dawn column (i.e. the chaps who called "This Is Not A Library" Record Of The Year 2003 - no, honestly, they DID - and who alsom mention us this month, funnily enough) were in town, and we set off to TRACK THEM DOWN. We'd not actually arranged anything properly, tho they'd said they'd be going to see The Bitter Springs who, handily, were playing at aforementioned 12 Bar. But how would we recognise them? "I'm sure we'll find them, i KNOWS it" said the Toast Under My Grill, and in my Well Fed HAZE i thought so too.

We arrived on Denmark Street to find the 12 Bar FULL, with a DOORMAN (!) turning people away. We stood next to a bunch of people, who said "We're on the guestlist" in AMERICAN. "I wonder if that's them?" said The Tea In My Teabag, so I said "Excuse me, are you Americans?" "Yes we are", they said, "And you're MJ Hibbett!"

For LO! It actually WAS them! At the time this seemed quite natural and to be expected, but afterwards i thought WOW! Is that not a fantastical and amazing coincidence? Also BEAUTIFUL? The doorman was obviously impressed anyway and let us all in, where we had a LOVELY chat with them both. Honestly, they were just SMASHING CHAPS, it was really nice! Also, like man with no regard for the sanctity of his mailbox, Michael said "You know, you CAN send me demoes if you like", so PITY his poor postman, and they both seemed KEEN on me or us going over to NEW YOIK sometime to play a gig - "we can sort it at a day's notice!" Again, they may come to RUE the day they said this, as my BRANE on the way home was ALIVE with possibilities.

They then had to FITE their way into the tiny venue bit, and we had to wander home, so there were HUGS and we left, AGLOW with happiness and OOH Wasn't That A COincidence NESS?

On Sunday I basically talked about the day before A LOT, did even MORE superdynamism in preperation for "Warriors Of Nanpantan" coming out, and started work on a THEME TUNE for the Johnny Yeah Show on Kooba Radio. It was a FANTASTIC weekend, and if today is the WORST day of the year, then order me up some DOWNERS!

posted 24/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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