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Blog: Delivery Update

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The people who manufacture our CDs these days have VERY good Customer Service Training. It's LOVELY ringing them up, they're always very helpful, understanding, and apologetic if things go wrong. Indeed, you hardly mind when things don't happen as planned, because they're so NICE about it. Or maybe they just have lots of practice, as, once again, "Warriors Of Nanpantan" didn't arrive today. I'd stayed home to collect them just in case, but still, they were SO nice, and I'd got SO much done, I didn't really mind - as predicted, the CDs DID manage to crawl their way across the avalanche, snowdrift, fallen tree and ST BERNARDS strewn landscape of Eastern Europe, but have stalled at Wembley as the van's not working properly!

Still, I have all the envelopes labelled, stamps on almost all of them, letters and notes written, press releases inserted where necessary - all i need now is the PRODUCT! If you're a brave soul who's pre-ordered one from the shop already, my sincerest apologies - as soon as I get them I'll send them out, and I'll email everyone to let them know they're on the way.

Stay tuned for further exciting DELIVERY STATUS UPDATES!

posted 31/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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