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HOORAH! Sing hosanna, praise the Lord, wipe the surfaces and get the good cutlery out, for LO! "Warriors Of Nanpantan" has ARRIVED!

And it looks GRATE! No, REALLY GRATE!

To say i am DELIGHTED would be like saying THE MOON is a long walk away, and to say i am RELIEVED would be like saying the companies charged with running our rail network could do their job better i.e. VAST UNDERSTATEMENTS. Just like in the songs, i now feel ACTUALLY DIZZY with GLEE. Indeed, this morning I posted about 70 copies of the album out to various people, and almost burst into SONG on the way back to work! YIPPEE!

And to think, only yesterday i was RUING the DAY that i decided to listen to Tim and Rob and DO this! KERZANG!

posted 2/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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