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Blog: On The Road

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Greetings from HULL! I'm sitting in the foyer of the super swish new BBC Building, waiting to load in for our radio session, and LO! They have free interweb access! COOL!

Last night's gig was pretty smashing - as ever in HULL, it FEELS like a Tough Crowd, but people seemed to really like it. If someone in Hull GLARES at you, that means they're really enjoying it, and so it was last night - I had to keep thinking "Remember! This is how it is here!" In London people WANT to show off and tend to go more MAD than they feel, in Hull it is quite the opposite - afterwards there was much LOVE and CHAT, it was LOVELY. I did the new improved version of "Mental Judo" for the first time, and it felt sort of OK, and Tom did the "This Is Not A Library" bit in "Things'll Be Different", and got people JOINING IN out of sympathy! Also, we got FED beforehand, and got free BEER - GRATE!

We've played so many times now that me and Tom both KNOW quite a few people, so there was MUCH wandering around and chatting to various people, then it was HOME, to Tom's parents for TOM and to Eddy's for ME, where there was a mini-party. LIFE on the RoAD!

I started today with a game of LUDO against a CHILD - it was a draw, all right? - then Tom came round and we headed into TOWN. We wandered round some of the pubs of his youth, and I thought "Hey! It's Thursday afternoon, I'm in a PUB, and last night I did a GIG! Life, she is GOOD!" Then we went to Hull's Street Life Museum, which was BRILLIANT. Not very Rock And Roll, I know, but we got to sit on TRAMS and in a CARRIAGE and look at old BIKES. Oddly, many of the exhibits were things i have OWNED (like the weird Pink Panther car, with a huge wheel in the middle), and it felt a bit odd to see MY past in THE past, if you see what I mean. We were the only people in the building, so someone came and found US personally to let us out when it was closing time. It's an ACE museum tho, i RECOMMEND it!

And now we're at the BBC Building, waiting to ROCK! This is FUN!

posted 3/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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