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  1. The band who played LAST on Friday night were GALITZA, who were GRATE! We'd IMMEDIATELY warmed to them during their soundcheck simply because they were AS old, or even OLDER than WE were! HOORAY! Like explorers out at the very EDGES of charted territory it's always nice to bump into some company. We then went on to like them MORE because they were really REALLY good - really EXCITING to watch and listen to. LOADS of bands have iron-on "Attitude" (especially at the moment, both in the charts and the dipsticks who impersonate them), which usually involves JERK! Y! MOVE! MENT! on stage, pulling TORTURED faces, leaping about "excitedly" for absolutely no reason, and wearing inappropriate CLOTHING for their exertions. It's really BORING to watch people pretend to be carried away by THE VIBE (especially when there is no discernible VIBE to speak of), so it was extremely THRILLING to watch people get carried away who really really WERE. MAN there were some faces PULLED, some postural positions STRUCK and some shapes THROWN, NONE of which were out of the B.Gillespie Big Book Of Fake Moves, ALL of which were obviously heartfelt and spontaneous. There were, in fact, BRILLIANT, so it was a bit disappointing to learn they were doing two more gigs then packing it in... although that might explain why they WERE going for it so HARD.
  2. Did i mention the NEW SONG in the Song Blog and Annotations? I realise it has been a LONG time since i kept this up to date, and plan to do so MORE in future - especially since i recieved a LENGTHY and INCISIVE list of corrections and questions from a Dr Lloyd Wood, which only made me feel WoRSE about the whole thing. As a starter, this NEW SONG is something i thought up on the TRANE back from Leeds on Saturday, there's not a HUGE amount to it, but i think it's quite cool. More to follow, honest!
  3. We're supporting Half Man Half Biscuit tomorrow night - YAY! If anybody's coming along, we're on about 8pm (!), so judge your entrance accordingly. Excitingly, this will be my first usage of Nottingham's TRAM network! OH YEAH!

posted 9/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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