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Blog: Into ... THE FUTURE!

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I've just booked our next block of practices, and we're now BOOKED right up into MAY! MAY! The rehearsal place hadn't got things written down for APRIL yet, and rightly so too - what sort of band is it that PLANS three months in advance for ANYTHING? A band who need to book Apex Tickets and Baby Sitters, that's who.

We're doing this lot at three weekly intervals (as Mr Fleay has hurt his right arm... somehow, and needs to "rest" it. CHORTLE!), and even though the first one isn't for about 5 weeks (SEE ABOVE!!! I've been in bands that lasted less than 5 weeks! Mind you, they were rubbish) already i am EXCITED at the prospect. Tim has already expressed his DIGUST at the delay in getting started, and i can see his point - personally i am CHOMPING AT THE BIT to get out and do some more Band Gigs, as the last lot were GRATE and FUN, but what with the London gig next week (next Thursday, Lark In The Park, cockney readers), then my hop over to IRELAND and Sheffield, and THEN in early March our delayed Demo Session, the schedule is pretty full with ROCK. This, i feel, is ACE.

It feels quite COSY and SAFE, i must admit, knowing that there's ROCK ACTION booked in for the next few weeks, and yes, I know this is WRONG and un-PUNK, but HEY DIDDLE what's to do? Tonight, however, I'm off out to "Music Club", a SHADY gathering of people who, I'm told, are going to write new songs using unfamiliar instruments such as RECORDERS and TRIANGLES. They asked me to bring a guitar - is it the way I play it that makes people THINK it's unfamiliar to me?

posted 15/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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