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Blog: Songs of THE FUTURE

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At Wednesday's Gig i'm going to try and do a whole set of songs from "Warriors Of Nanpantan". I'm a bit nervous about it, but I reckon I can't get away with ALWAYS doing versions of the UberSet, especially as it's only a month since my last London gig, so yesterday I sat myself down to have a PRACTICE. Things were going quite pleasantly until, as usual, i got DISTRACTED by my BRANE and decided instead to try some NEW songs instead. I've got quite a pile of half finished songs at the moment, which are starting to worry me, so I sort of hoped i'd get in a GROOVE and finish a couple of them off this weekend.

What actually happened was i spent two hours with a guitar, notebook, and eventually THESAURUS (this is a CLEAR sign of desperation, it never actually HELPS anything but at least huge lists of useless words stir the BRANE into thinking of BETTER ones), not really getting very far. Well, I say that, but i DID have some movement on a song called "The Other Rush Hour", and I think i may well have FINALLY found a way to finish it... anyway, as a MARKER to myself and also in case it's of interest to you, dear reader, here's a list of the five songs currently sitting on the TO DO list:

The Other Rush Hour - as mentioned above, this was originally about me getting up extra early after staying at Tom's in Leicester and seeing loads of people going to work at an ungodly hour, but it now involves me getting up early to wait for a parcel to arrive, seeing aforementioned people off to work while I'm on the way to the paper shop, and then never finding any MENTION of this whole section of society in any part of the media. Actually, this one is sounding Quite Good.

"Goth Song" - my homework from going round to Rob From B3ta's the other night. It's going to be about an older Goth bemoaning the modern incarnation of his sub-culture, turning it away from well rounded cat-lovers and towards Vicar frightening Marilyn Manson clones. "I don't want people to die, i want them to tie-dye" is possibly going to fit in somewhere.

Proper Grown Up Love - something I've been trying to lever in for AGES, and top contender to be REJECTED as Too Soppy by The Validators, this'll be about how GRATE it is being in a RELATIONSHIP where getting a bit annoyed with each other occasionally is actually OK and part OF it, rather than THE END OF THE WORLD and DOOM. If i can there'll be a CHUNK about standing around at the bottom of the stairs waiting to go out, and MARVELLING at the FACT that you have BECOME a character in a 1970's teatime sitcom, and how that is a GOOD thing.

Only Slightly Odd - just a vague idea here, about meeting people who've grown into slightly odd adults and how, considering the life they've had, that is a TRIUMPH. Needs thought!

How Hard Can It Be? - a RANT! I've covered 2 sides of A4 with RANTS, so all I really need to do is make it RHYME. My favourite bit so far is a CHORUS which goes:
How hard can it be to repair the rail network efficiently?
How hard can it be to stock the shelves in Sainsbury's?
How hard can it be to learn how to use an Apostrophe?*
How hard can it be to schedule American television on the BBC?
I'm talking Buffy and Seinfeld.
* examples of my own misuse of the apostrophe are NOT requested.

So yeah, that's where we're AT at the moment - i reserve the right to forget, re-use, or otherwise MANGLE any of the above, contents may settle during transit etc etc. I've got four or five weeks until we start Phase TWO of the Validators Song Devising SESSIONS, so hopefully there'll be ample time for some Finishing Off ACTION between now and then. I shall keep you INFORMED!

posted 21/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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