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Blog: Zipcodes: FINISHED

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I had a spasm of CONSERTED EFFORT over the weekend, and have pretty much FINISHED recording "Zipcodes", the six track cassette mini-album I'm doing for Popgun Recordings. I was SPURRED ON by sending out the Newsletter last week and realising it was the THIRD month that I was claiming to have nearly finished it, so thought I'd best get ON.

Obviously when I say "FINISHED" i still mean "NEARLY finished" - there's some fade-ins and outs to do, some gaps between songs to correct and maybe some NORMALISING of volume levels, but the actual Musical BITS are DONE. I've messed around with the tracklisting this morning, and it looks like being THIS:
  • Sod It, Let's Get Pissed
  • Closer To You
  • Born Yesterday
  • Hey William
  • If You Need Loving
  • Zipcodes

  • I must say, it sounds RATHER GOOD. Listening to it all yesterday i was QUITE SURPRISED by this - it feels like I've been recording it for AGES, and I've concentrated on bits i DIDN'T like, and occasionally have thought "AK! It's all RUBBISH! And i've spent AGES doing it!" This is ALSO because I've had to LARN UP how to work the software I've got while doing it so that, for example, "Closer To You" sounded WELL ROPEY when I listened to it again a month later, as at that point I'd not worked out how to record certain things properly - especially VOCALS actually. Half way through the RECORDING PROCESS i realised that ALL the vocals had horrible "fluffs" on them (i.e. where BREATHING heavily on the microphone makes a noise like THUNDER), but SOLVED the problem with the simple expedient of placing an SOCK over it. Aah, studio technology!

    I also realised last month that I could do BIG REMIXES without harming the original versions of the songs (you know, like people have been doing for YEARS...) so set about some major RECONSTRUCTION, especially on "Closer To You" and "If You Need Loving" which, i must say, now sound rather ACE. In fact, it ALL does - i'm quite EXCITED about it i must say, and last night when I was out and about i spent some Happy Time gazing blankly into the middle distance thinking "Ooh! It actually sounds all right doesn't it?"

    THE PLAN now is to make a couple of CDs and get it CHECKED by four other ears, then send it off to young RAOUL in California, and see what happens next. YEAH!

    posted 1/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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