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Blog: Etiquette Of THE FUTURE

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The Hypothetical Scenario: you are enjoying rumbuctious debate with your fellows utilising email to send messages around a group of three or four people. One member clicks "reply" instead of "reply all", and thus sends a reply to yourself only, and not the rest of the group. WHAT DO YOU DO?

a) ignore the faux pas
b) politely email them to say "Sorry old chap, you did 'reply' not 'reply all', maybe you should try again?"
c) impolitely email them saying "YO! L8M0r! U SuX!"
d) forward the email YOURSELF to the whole group, with an explanation at the top saying "I just received this, and believe it was meant for the whole group."
e) switch off the interweb, run away, and hide.

b) and d) seem sensible, but both risk seeming patronising and/or humiliating to the person involved. I thought the future would be a classless society based on tinfoil and hovercraft, not this social MINEFIELD - where is the GUIDE to GUIDE us through?

(NB i only ask because I thought I'd just done "reply" instead of "reply all" myself, but realised I hadn't - it's as well to ask for future reference though, right?)

posted 2/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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get one yahoogroup ;)

solves all such dilemmas.
posted 2/8/2005 by CarsmileSteve

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