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Blog: The History Of Life

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Ten years ago I was involved in the Rock Opera "The History Of Life". This was devised and performed by members of various bands in Leicester who had been randomly placed in new bands with people from other bands, then given two period of history to write about and told to go and get on with it. The Rock Opera told the entire history of life on planet Earth, and was performed one afternoon in Town Hall Square, Leicester, funded by the City Council.

Believe me, the above description is as sensible as i can possibly make it - it's STILL a huge glowing SCAR of LUNACY across my mental landscape - it DID actually happen, but even THINKING about it makes my mind hurt. The reason I mention it is that Sorted Records is going to be showing a new video of one of the songs every week this month, and the first one is up today - GO LOOK!

It's accompanied by an ARTICLE what i recently wrote about it, in which i attempt to come to terms with the whole experience... it was a KER-RAZY time!

posted 4/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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