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We've had a FLURRY of comments just lately - thanks everybody who COMMENTS on all this, it is a JOY to me to hear FEEDBACK like this, even when it is - astoundingly DISAGREEING with my THORTS. To answer a few questions:
  • Yes, the titles (and several of the lyrics) on the TAPE "Zipcodes" may well be confusing for some Americans. I hadn't really thought of this before, and there seems to be an INORDINATE number of possibilities for transatlantic colloquialism translations on this collection, so I will try and put some information on the INLAY to explain things. I am helpful in this way.
  • That chap wearing a SHIRT in the pictures is ME. Also, the one in the VERY SEXY TROUSERS, that's me too.
  • Yes, the Would Be Goods ARE called The Would Be Goods, not The Would Be Gods, although that too would be a perfectly acceptable name for a band, and I guess that may be where it comes from.
  • It IS a bit weird sitting down in the downstairs bit of the 12 bar - I did it the other night, and it was like watching STADIUM GIGS in someone's PARLOUR. Weird in a GOOD way!
  • One way to SOLVE interweb etiquette problems IS to get a yahoogroup going - INDEED, the shady organisation known as The Lunch List ORIGINATED in this way, as I'm sure did many others (the Brandenburg Group nearly split up over a furious ROW over whether George Bush Sr. had used BCC or CC whilst sending round a link he'd seen on B3TA one Friday afternoon...) - but what about when it's just a temporary AD HOC grouping? What then my friend, what THEN?
  • I'm glad other people enjoyed "Forever Autumn" - i actually sat and listened to the ALBUM yesterday, it was SCARY. It reminded me of the time I took a TAPE of it into school so we could listen to it in MUSIC LESSON (i wonder what Trendy Music Teachers let kids listen to these days?) and it was only half an hour in that i remembered: at a particularly TENSE bit i had taped over Richard Burton with me going "AAARGH!!!" in order to scare my brother... i remembered JUST as it happened, with a pre-pubescent me going "AAARGH!!" at all my school chums. OH the embarrasment!
  • The Laniard/Lanyard debate continues, as more and more people begin to utilise them in their daily lives. Let's hope we don't have cause to become HUGELY FAMILIAR with them and ever find out for sure.
  • Note to self: do not DOUBT the immensity of The Shithouse Masters, ESPECIALLY not in public LEST you incur the WRATH OF DOMINO and RISK the arrival of THE COMPLETE SHITHOUSE MASTERS. I am afeared, and so is my CD player!

  • posted 5/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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