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Blog: Yet More ROCK

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I've updated the GIGS page today with FOUR more gigs, many of which appear to be in That London. One of these is our first time at The Water Rats, one is MY solo return to the Fox & Firkin and one, rather ACEly, is a festival in CATFORD run by the people who run Orange & Blue Studios. This last one turned out PARTICULARLY nicely for me, as I was thinking about EITHER trying to tape one of my gigs OR trying to get into a studio in London (like... er... Orange & Blue) to record THE UBERSET ready for the much thought about (by me) LIVE album. Just as i was considering ringing Orange & Blue to DO this the phone rang and it WAS Malcolm FROM them, asking to do this gig, which he's going to RECORD. HOORAH!

TELEPATHY TESTING: Hmmm... shall i go round to Paul McCartney's for tea tomorrow night? Shall i?

Oh well. The other gig is back in LEICESTER, playing at a Sorted Night, AGANE with The Validators - both this and the Water Rats gig will be after we get back from Cornwall, so we should EITHER be fighting fit and ready to rock OR arriving in seperate transport and demanding seperate dressing rooms. We ALREADY arrive in seperate transport, I know, but still. We shall SEE!

At the moment, if all goes to plan, I'll have done 39 gigs this year, and so I am considering giving it One Last Push to get to FIFTY. There's a good few tentative gigs in the air at the moment, with the VERY VAGUE possibility of playing a couple of places ABROAD when we set off on our Circumnavigation in November, so it might just be a GOER. It was suggested to me yesterday by The Pound Off With My Flyer that i should go for 52 gigs, and make it one a week, but surely that is INSANITY GONE MAD!? Can one man ROCK so hard?

posted 8/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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