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Mr Ned Raggett has got some pictures of my gig at The 12 Bar the other week - you can see them by clicking JUST HERE. Good, aren't they?

And talking of pictures - am currently thinking of buying an Electrical Guitar, for ROCKING BAND purposes, and saw THIS BURNS COBRA. Oh boy! Oh lumme! Oh YEAH!

posted 8/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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nah mate, ya wanna get one o these
posted 9/8/2005 by Anonymous

Oooh, Burns Cobra - Very nice! Doesn't Gaz from Supergrass play one of them? More of a Srtat-type sound than an SG RAWK sound, I always thought... Smart guitar...

For a similar price (if you know where to look) I'd be tempted by a Danelectro 56 Pro... Lovely!
posted 9/8/2005 by John Kell

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