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Blog: My New Guitar

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This lunchtime the PIN in my SWITCH and I went to lovely Wunjo Guitars just round the corner from my work, to have a look at the DELICIOUS Burns Cobra i saw on their webpage. I was all EXCITED because i knew IN MY HEART that this would be the guitar i wanted, and when i SAW it in actual real life i knew EVEN MORE. I asked the LOVELY chap if i could have a go on it and he said "Ah! This is the one I'm promoting on the webpage" and i said "YES! i KNOW!"

It LOOKED lovely, and it FELT good in MINE HANDS, and when i played it - OOH! it sounded GRATE! It sat and dutifully played it a bit, knowing full WELL i was going to buy it, but thought i ought. As usual i BLANKED COMPLETELY when PUSHED to play something in this environment, so soon stopped and readied myself to COUGH UP. Sensibly, The WHAM in my Whammy Bar said i should at least TRY a Telecaster (which I'd previously been recommended), so sat and had a go on it. For about 30 seconds.

I was TOO EXCITED to even THINK about getting something else, and ANYWAY the Telecaster sounded a bit WEEDY, a bit STRINGY, and frankly NOT AS GOOD. ALSO - and this is the important bit - My New Guitar is SORT of being bought with some money I got when my Nan died, and as SHE was NOT run of the mill I felt I should be getting something at least a BIT out of the ordinary. SO! Buy it i DID!

The lovely man gave us some free picks, GUITAR OIL, and knocked some money off my spare strings, and we went to CELEBRATE with FELAFEL! Whilst there I told The Chick Pea In My Hummus that I ALSO needed to get a guitar strap, a new lead, and a proper case, but hadn't wanted to say at the time as it felt like i'd be taking advantage i.e. if he was giving stuff for free it might seem like i was TAKING THE MICK asking for more stuff, to see what i could GET. I said I'd probably go and buy these extra bits from somewhere else, so she CORRECTLY pointed out that not only was this a bit DAFT, but that i would be PENALISING him for being NICE.

THUS, tasty lunch CONSUMED, we went back again - he looked a bit WORRIED when we came back in, but i reassured him that i wasn't returning anything, and bought my lead and case... and got the strap for free. HOORAH!

Now it's sitting in the office with me - i haven't got my AMP at home to try it out on, but i have a feeling i may spend a LITTLE while tonight THROWING SHAPES with it. OOH! My new GUITAR! It's GORGEOUS!

posted 9/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 10/8/2005 by matyi

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