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Blog: They probably ran out of hot drinks too

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Is it me, or is there something peculiarly BRITISH RAIL* about the Space Shuttle? I don't mean the fact that it was LATE arriving - and anyway, by British Rail RULES that probably counts as EARLY, they'd say it was RETIMED - but the REASONS for its problems. It can withstand IMMENSE pressure on lift-off, INSANE acceleration to get out of orbit, the almost ABSOLUTE ZERO temperatures of OUTER SPACE, the WHITE HEAT of re-entry... and yet it can't land when it's raining. Was that bit handed over to the British Team to sort out, do you think? Is that why they had to wait so long for the engineer to get out and look at it?

Whatever happens in the future, i will therefore NOT be going to THE MOON on a Sunday, there'll probably be a bus replacement service. Can I have my weekly Sideways Look column in the Evening Standard now please?

* I know it's not called British Rail anymore, but it SHOULD be, and the sooner it goes back to being so the BETTER! HA! That's right, THE MAN, BE afraid!

posted 10/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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