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We're losing people here - yesterday Garry The Other Engineer went off to Reading for the festival, and this morning the Arrival Time In My Timetable left us, heading back to THAT LONDON and Telephone Reception. I must confess i had a small WEEP re. this latter, but the work must go on, and GO ON it certainly is.

We've now completely finished three songs - "The Fight For History", "The Gay Train" and "QOLED", with eight others very nearly done. We've just got electrical guitars, some of Emma's vocals, and some bits and bobs to do on those ones, and then this afternoon we're heading back in to record the last three or four songs that need starting. We've decided NOT to embark on the additional songs that we haven't ever actually LEARNT, which is probably for the best, so we're hoping to end up with 14 songs DONE. It's going really well i must say!

The DE-ROCKIFYING of us all continues - yesterday we had a LATE NIGHT PRACTICE, at about 10.30pm. Before we'd arrived we'd been expecting to be be Burning The Midnight Hour most of the time, but we've actually been up and about with a cup of tea in the studio at 10.30am every day, so 12 hours later we were utterly KNACKERED. It was perhaps the LEAST vibrant and ROCK practice we've ever had.

Things may change tonight though, for i am BACK ON THE BEER! I finished my course of antibiotics at lunch time (oh yes, i have been POPPING PILLS) and have MANY MANY bottles of BEER in the fridge ready. I must say i have done Very Well i think, it's not been easy - last night the Fabric Of My Brolly and i went to see her friends Suzie and Steve. We had a LOVELY time, especially as they have a LOAD of animals to look at and say "Ooh!" (especially especially STANLEY the dog, he's my favourite) but it was a bit of a GRIND not to have a beer when everyone else did. Oh well - tonight i DRINK!

Anyway, the news in general is GOOD - things are all going to plan, it's all sounding GRATE, and the drink is about to FLOW. HOORAH!

posted 24/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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remember, drinking just after anti-biotics will have a similar effect to drinking during them, ie a head as thick as a rather thick thing, so just be careful petal ;)
posted 25/8/2005 by CarsmileSteve

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