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Blog: A Great Day In Rock History

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Take note of today, oh thou fans of ROCK, for today is the day i laid down the guitar solo in "We Only Ever Meet In Church." OH GODS OF ROCK BE PRAISED!

Other things have happened also. I celebrated the end of my antibiotics yesterday at BEER O'CLOCK, Rob has had the day off and is, presumably, paddling in the sea even as we speak, and not thirty minutes ago Tom finished ALL his violins. This afternoon we're doing a couple more bits of guitar and trying to finish off Emma's vocals, then we're pretty much DONE. Tonight we'll try and listen to Work So Far, then tomorrow morning it's BITS AND BATS recording, before settling down to an afternoon making sure we can actually GET everything off Mark's computer and onto Rob's. Then we'll be done!

Album titles are still being debated - "Mental Judo" doesn't FEEL right, now that we're here, althought the alternative suggestions so far aren't doing much better. "The Siege Of Castle Valid" is top of the list so far. The list needs to be extended.

Right then! Lunch for me, then back to work - more news, as it happens!

posted 25/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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