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Blog: The Final Day

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I'm sitting in the living room with Mr Francis A Machine having a cup of tea before we prepare to embark on the final day of recording. I've just said to him, it feels like we've been here a REALLY LONG TIME, but a really long time that's gone really quickly. It's going to be weird to get back to That London where there's people i'm NOT in a band with, and there's actual NOISE all around us and not TREES.

We had our most ROCK night YET last night, as me and Messrs McClure and Machine went out to the CONSERVATORY to watch "Shaun Of The Dead" on the huge DVD projector screen. MAN, we was up until HALF PAST MIDNIGHT! Oh YEAH!

This morning we've got one more vocal to do for Emma, then Tim and I are going to sit through the remaining songs to check and see if they need any more guitars or anything. Everybody is IN and ON CALL today in case we need anything, and I'm very much looking forward to doing some TICKING OFF. Not telling people off, i mean, but TICKING the "DONE" box on the bottom of our ROCK SPREADSHEET. We've already Officially Completed six songs, so there's just eight to go. When that's done Mr Machine will be drafted in to listen to them AGANE, apply any EFFECTS that we need to take away with us, "GLUE" all the tracks that need glueing (i.e. mixing all the takes into one take and making them the right length to put back together again), then get it all onto DVD for taking home. After THAT we're going to get a rough mix of all the tracks, go and get a CURRY, and then go and sit out in the aforementioned conservatory to EAT the curry and LISTEN to what we've done so far.

We may end up WEEPING into our Balti if it turns out we're unhappy with what we've got, but i rather doubt it, it's all sounding pretty SPIFFING so far. I was worried that we'd just get to record one track EACH of bass, guitar, drums, violins, and each vocal, and that it'd sound very SPARSE compared to previous efforts. This has, however, not happened. Sitting listening to "We Only Ever Meet In Church" last night with it's three part harmonies, double violins, GTR SOLOES and all round SONIC ASSAULT I thought "No, it's OK, we've done WELL here." I think we have, anyway - hopefully I still will by the time we get to BEER O'CLOCK tonight!

posted 26/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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