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Blog: Album Title Decision

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We've just had LUNCH - new potatoes, beans and yorkshire puddings, it's Eating Everything In The Cupboard Day - and are halfway through the very FINAL stages of the album. This morning Emma did her last bit of singing, and we're now sitting through all of the songs, checking their finished, doing a rough mix, and checking everything's DONE as far as it can be DONE before we go home. It's sounding GOOD!

This morning we made an attempt on some COVER SHOTS which, while heavily featuring my LUXURIANT moustache, didn't end up being QUITE what we were after. THUS we've spent the rest of the day discussing alternative album titles, in the hope that this might also lead to a new album title. Tim and Rob read through the lyrics and we spent an HILARIOUS couple of hours reading out CHUNKS which would EITHER be possible album titles OR sound a bit rude if taken out of context, until we SUDDENLY arrived at a possible title that we all liked: "A Fridge Full Of Nice Things".

It's a lyric from "Never Going Back To Aldi's", it's got MEANING, and best of all we can use it to do the COVER - it's going to be one of those GATEFOLD CDs, so the front will be the front of a fridge (with one fridge magnet per band member - I'll be having the Isle Of Wight PIRATE from our fridge), the back'll be the back, with the GRILL and that, then when you open it up it'll be the INSIDE of the fridge! AHA! Good idea, no?

So that's the plan - hopefully this one will STILL sound good tomorrow, but it's working for me now. RIGHT then, back down the garden we go, to get FINISHED!

posted 26/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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