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There's been a couple of changes and additions to the GIGS section of the webpage. First of all my spot at MALCFEST next weekend has been moved to Sunday afternoon, for maximum SUNSHINE (hopefully). I'm going to attempt to do the ULTIMATE UBERSET at this one and see if i can get a RECORDING of it for future useage, so i rather hope it goes OK. Cambridge on September 8th and Manchester on the 10th are AS PREVIOUSLY, then I'm BACK to South London to play the Fox in Lewisham on the 15th. I think I've already mentioned the Water Rats on September 23rd (about which we are RATHER excited), and then we're playing our first gig in Leicester for a while at The Charlotte on October 6th, as part of a Sorted CELEBRATION. Next night I'm in Wimbledon supporting Boo Hewerdine, then we've got ANOTHER Leicester gig on Sunday 16th, when The Validators play at The First International Horsefair at The Barfly. We're on fairly early in the day, i think, so i can try and get there and back on a day return!

The next scheduled gig is October 27th in Liverpool, although I'm not sure if that's still happening, before i make my (hopefully) TRIUMPHANT return to the FUZZTIVAL in Sheffield on the 29th. There's also hopes of additional gigs in Manchester and London, maybe one in MAJORCA, and I'm nosing around for some extra gigs in NOVEMBER, before we fly off round the world on November 20th. I'm still hoping to hit the magic 50 GIGS this year, and I think it is almost within my grasp.

And while I'm here - am I the ONLY one to notice that, mere DAYS after I discussed my plan for A Million Ukeleles, Mr Tony Blair was seen clutching THAT VERY SAME INSTRUMENT? Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

posted 29/8/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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posted 31/8/2005 by Dan

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