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Blog: Forever Autumn

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Am i the only one to be currently feeling A Bit Christmassy? It's the fact that it's grey and wet outside, the nights are drawing in, and I've got a COLD that makes me feel this way, aaah! AUTUMN! How i love thee!

Like the lady in the song, I have ALWAYS loved this time of year - the end of September/start of October is when things start to HAPPEN again. I even LIKE the fact that it gets dark earlier, because that means you definitely leave work earlier, and can get SNUG in a PUB and develop SCHEMES. This is also, i reckon, why the UK is such a HOTBED of MUSICAL FERVOUR, as unlike in THE MED there's not really much else to do for half the year than sit inside and either TALK about GRATE IDEAS or go out and DO them. If it's cold, dark, and raining outside it's a LOT more fun to get WARMED UP in a room playing MUSIC than trudge through the streets, AND it's a good excuse to drink Healthy Warming BEER-style BEER for the walk home.

It's also when yr STUDENTS get going again, and they're like the PLANKTON that (in the nicest possible way) the WHALES OF ROCK feed upon - they get all excited to be back at COLLEGE and start organising GIGS, and that kick starts everybody ELSE into it too.

The strange thing is how BRIEF the ROCK SEASON really is, when you think about it - things start happening in October, then have to gently glide to a halt at the end of November ready for Christmas - Christmas records, Christmas parties and Christmas GIGS. The Nothing EVER seems to happen in January (I'm not sure why - surely that's THE month when we all NEED some cheering up?) and then you get a swift RASN of activity through to the start of JUNE when it's EXAMS for half the audience and then FESTIVAL time. It's a RUM old do really isn't it?

Still, that's all to come, for now let's get out and ROCK! I'm off to Leicester tonight for the Sorted 10th Birthday DO, then SURREY on Friday to play with Boo Hewerdine at the Wimbledon AFC (that's AFC) ground. Let's GO!

posted 6/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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