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A big hello today to our visitors from the Dustins Bar Mitzvah forum! According to my WEBSTATS a huge CROWD of you have come here overnight after seeing a POST that claimed i was "the worst person in music ever" I'm not sure if they were SERIOUS about this - call me a CRAZED EGOMANIAC, but i've seen MUCH worse - but they DID provide helpful links AND spell my name right, so maybe not.

I did wonder, from the TONE and the spelling mishaps later in the MISSIVE whether it was one of our old pals from Dog Cock Dildo, who you may remember sent me a VERY rude email complaining about my gentle criticism of their undecipherable logo. I sent a reply explaining my reasoning, and though they never got round to replying it seems they HAVE taken my advice to heart. A quick WEBSEARCH reveals they've changed their name to "UNT" AND have a logo you can READ. It's nice to know you've been of help isn't it?

posted 12/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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Mark - weird tenuous link time ... Dustin's Bar Mitzvah are playing The Garage next week with Daddy Long Legs, who themselves played tonight at Give & Go! DDL were dead good, but I guess I'm now drifting way off topic ...
posted 14/10/2005 by Matt (AFCW)

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